Microdec PLC Advertising Poster Design


Back in 2012, I was given the opportunity to take part in a 3 day work shadowing programme that would work into my current course in Graphic Design to give myself the experience of an operating environment within a industry.

I had wanted to gain a perspective for commercial media, and so Microdec PLC had taken my interest.

Mircrodec PLC is a software firm utilising and programming recruitment software products for a global market of clients. In addition to this, they help market these clients to put them on the market, or to improve on their current promotional sources.


I had set out on a personal project I set for myself to design a series of posters for Microdec that could potentially shape up their commercial identity as a company. This poster would then be printed into a magazine to reach out to Microdec’s audience as they compete with other industry leading Software firms.


With my supervisor, and the marketing director, I had presented my work to these two and had taken on feedback and critiques as to how I could shape this product.

Here is the outcome with some additional branding work I had helped with for their Profile EPM software.

Featured in the Pantone Canvas Gallery: 

This project was featured on the 18th July 2013 here: http://canvas.pantone.com/gallery/9895375/Microdec-Corporate-Poster-advertising









Branding Profile EPM: 

I had helped with the concept of branding Microdec’s new Profile EPM software.


Profile EPM logo



logo presentation

Poster Designs:

A final display for my Poster designs I had executed for Microdec.

Poster 1:


Poster 2:



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