Labyrinth Neue Typographic Display Book

A while back, I had designed a book for my final project during Year 13 for Graphic Design.

I had set out to design a typeface throughout this project in which would end with a book as a final product presenting my finally designed typeface. I had taken influences from the Artist ”Noah Collins”, who is also a typographer, and print designer.

Below is a series of photographs displaying the final product. Since this book contains 106 pages, I have only addressed the significant areas for presentation.



Labyrinth Neue Index Page.

IMG_5978 IMG_5990



IMG_5982 IMG_5984 IMG_5985 IMG_5986

IMG_5987 IMG_5988 IMG_5989

Designer: Chris Edwards

Tools: Photoshop CS5/Illustrator CS5/Bobs Book Designer (Desktop Version)

College: Plume Sixth Form College

Year: 13

Total Production Time: 40-50 hours

Pages: 106


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