Behance Network Icon Work


This page is an effective collation of my icon and illustration work I had taken into my Behance Windows 8 media platform design for my course in Interactive Media.

I had set out to create something strong, and simplistic that corresponds creatively with the combination of the Behance Network Icons and Windows 8 media Icons.

This brings together a memorable experience for the user to enjoy.

Sketching Ideas:

I had troubleshooted a series of illustrated ideas that could potentially shape the outcome of my digital icons. Here is the series and design process I carried out for this particular section.

Sketch 1:

Here I have captured the basic idea as to how I want my icons to look as an essential outcome. I had recognised Behance’s present use of icons, and decided to remain this aesthetic so that the users can have an easily adjustable and memorbale experience to what they would know and remember the current website as.

However, I had altered some approaches making some significant adjustments to icons to give myself an opportunity to hopefully expand on the creative flare of Behance’s social media.


Sketch 2:

This sketch in particular shows how I have now considered the concept of implementing these icons into a page like backdrop that has a fold to suggest a scroll. This builds upon the realisation as to what a natural portfolio would look like, so for every one of these icons that have been pressed, this reflects on the concept of a new page that has been turned in this portfolio platform.


Sketch 3:

Here I have refined the idea into a more fitting outcome. By intensifying the density of the lines to gauge stronger contrast and composition within the icons to make them look more appealing as a solution.


Digital Outcome:

I had eventually considered the structure of the icons, and so I implemented a more rounded shape to enhance a user friendly experience within these icons that can effectively correspond with the friendly usability of the entire network application.


Taking this concept into a series of icons:



Final Collation

Example Implementation:

Surface Presentation


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