About Chris

About Chris:

Hey there! I’m an Essex based designer studying in his last year of college towards University.

I’ve always wanted to explore each corner of design in life to develop my experience as a growing designer, so that I can full fill my potential in the industry for my future.

In the meantime I explore, collect, and create my graphical solutions, and store them across a multi-tude of social media platforms including:

http://www.pinterest.com/cedwards2370/pins/ – Pinterest

https://www.behance.net/HektikDesigns – Behance

It’s a growing journey for me, as networks for me connect individual experiences so that the power of new ideas is born through the inspiration of others. This is how I treat my work, as I love to explore designer processes and solutions that inspire my creative intellect to do more and be more, and to meet new and creative minds. We’re in this together.

So until my future comes round, I’m aiming to make life fun, engaging, and most importantly creative.

Need Chris for Freelance?

I offer a freelance service in order to finance my future education, but I also want to give myself a hands on perspective for working with real clients to develop my portfolio.

My services involve:


-Print Design.

-Editorial Media Design.

-UI Visual Assets.

-Web Visual Assets.



It’s a straight forward topic. But to make things a little personal between me and you, we can discuss this privatley.


Make sure you ask me everything you need to know. I’m prepared to answer your questions. Even it involves guidance with one of your current projects!

I love to collaborate.





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