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Chris Edwards on Design Brain

I got a recent feature on a newly opened design blog!! Labyrinth Neue is the feature, and is renowned for it’s traditional typographic aesthetics. It’s given me a greater scope for exposure, and the ability to meet other designers! Thanks again Hannah!

Design Brain


Chris Edwards is a freelance graphic designer residing in Essex, England. He is a talented 18 year old with aspirations of becoming an art director within the England or New York design industries. Though his work encompasses much of the traditional design genres as print design, typography and advertisement design, his style is anything but, encompassing all things modern, simplistic and fresh. Minimalism is also a main attribute within Chris Edwards’ visual vocabulary, captivating his audiences with clean, precise design concepts that communicate perfectly. Please take a moment and check out his page!

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Labyrinth Neue now has a book!

It’s official, it’s published, it’s uploaded to the net for you to see! Come drop by the below link in the picture to view the behance project.

If you wish to know more about this book, then it is simply the process of my recently designed Labyrinth Neue typeface. But collected into a book that displays the story, inspiration, then effective outcome of the typeface.

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I’m on tumblr!!

Yup, I decided to expand my social media infrastructure, and sign up for yet again another visually sourced sharing network. It’s building progressively, and I’d love you guys to come and check it out! Click the picture, and gasp at the magical transformation of your screen!