Edwards Modern Sans is Here!



Edwards Modern Sans

I’ve been playing around a little with basic san serif letter structures in Adobe Illustrator, and it has brought me here!

Below is the progress I’ve been making with a new san-serif typeface I am calling ”Edwards Modern Sans”. I hope that when I’ve finished it, or  if I ever do, I can programme it into a fully usable font. So in the meantime, it’s more of an artistic display font. However, the bonus part is that I’ve created all of the unique letters in individual illustrator documents, making them fully vectorised shapes!

Enjoy for now guys!




I’ve been recently researching some typefaces I want to use for future design projects, and I came by this!

It’s a clean, simple, and a  fantastically designed san-serif typeface. It’s full of charisma, it’s packed with adrenaline, and  it’s one of the most powerful designs I have seen to date!

Here’s a display I designed to show off the artists typeface!



Designer of the Track Typeface: Gumpita Rahayu